This is the EL- CLASSICO, a work of art in progress! Release Date for our New Design was 4-3-09

This is the Finished Product of the below 1989 Fleetwood Brougham with our New Design, It comes with all the below noted features.

Our Trademark design is a custom fit of the Headlights (as seen above) especially made for the New model(1980 thru 1992 Fleetwood Brougham,or Coup Deville Or Sedan Deville,and Eldorados.The Cadillac Classic Grill for 1980-1992 Can still be purchased for approx $700 to $900.The 1989 El-Classico Brougham is here,Lights Only,for $4250.The full front end,Lights and Custom Grill,as seen on the Eldorado Above also fits the Brougham,1971 to 1976,cost $8000! We also design Chrome Landau Bars,Chrome Trunk Belts, and Custom 5th Wheels,The kind with the Treal rim.For all the Players Cadillac Pimpin,Step your game up.I see a lot of Treal Cadillacs on "Car Domain" and "Lay it Low" Shout Out's! Now we step the game up to a new level. Also, We Customize Escalades,Benzs in ways you have never Dreamed.It might sound Glamour to you,but u gonna have to do a lot of Pimpin and Hustlin to get to this level. See you at the top, Baby...!

We offer Interstate Transport of any classic vehicle you want us to Customize


 This Legenz Coach Hit The Slab 4-3-09, Fully Dressed, So Step Yo Game Up.... Call US At 989-274-1845.


This was the 1989 Brougham we tore down and rebuilt as Our EL-CLASSICO prototype.

Look further on this web site to see the extensive work we put into this Brougham-It was already cuttin heads, but now its a legend, the sharpest in the COUNTRY!